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But, not as much red as usual. Open with a broken leg, but the Great One is sitting this tourney out means fans won see him in his traditional shirt on Sunday. Shirt on Sunday Sunday he wears a red shirt, says Lyberger. Predators 3, Blue Jackets 1: Calle Jarnkrok scored in the third period, and Pekka Rinne stopped 35 shots. Matt Irwin scored in the first period and Viktor Arvidsson got an empty net goal in the final minute as Nashville won its third straight. The Blue Jackets have lost three straight for the first time this season.

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(Tate just a bit sore. But talking to him, he getting better by leaps and bounds every day and we still have two more days until the game. Throwing a lot during Tuesday practice, Harris (separated shoulder) dialed it back a bit on Wednesday. Life is just to weird, I got an E Machine trade in today, Athlon XP 3200 2.2ghz, 160G HD, dvd burner, cd burner, Xp home, reinstall DVD, COA, manual and all. Should teach me to open my mouth, now I’ll have E Machines on my hands again. They just don’t make enough soap.

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The former The Sopranos and Entourage star contracted Lyme disease while filming a movie in rural New Jersey. Luckily, Sigler is an example of successful treatment after early detection: the actress first noticed a tingling sensation in her feet and shortly after, she experienced paralysis of her legs. After spending five days in a hospital, doctors diagnosed her with Lyme disease and she was given antibiotic treatment, which was effective in combating the disease..

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